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What is backlink ?

Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. The number and quality of backlinks is an important criterion for website reliability.

The concept of Backlink and the importance of this concept have come up with the success of Google. Google's popular PageRank algorithm was a significant discovery calculating the influence of feedback on a website. Thanks to this invention, Google began to show better results than other search engines and became the world's leading search engine.

How is backlink working? How do I get backlink?

Before getting backlink you need to set the target of your website and then share original articles connected to the target word. It is essential for backlinks to be permanent. So, for a long time, the site can remain in Google search engines. However, getting feedback after your site is up could lead to a reduction in traffic to your site. If you later improve on other feedback, it will not have the same effect as before.

Backlink is a very important issue in SEO. At the same time, in the event of a mistake, the website can be damaged instead of helping and cause you to fall into a sandbox.

Get backlink from quality sites. If you get backlinks from poor quality sites, this can have a negative impact on you. To do this, you first need to research the site's rankings before you get to the site. Generally, we recommend that you get links from sites that have higher scores on your site.

1.Try to get feedback from sites that have the same topic as you, or from sites similar yours.

2. To get a link you must use a word in the article as a link.

3.  Backlinks in the site footer are often regarded as paid backlinks.

4.  Check your keyword as a target.

 5. Try to distribute your created subpages as much as possible