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What is content marketing? 

content marketing

Content marketing is the type of marketing that is aimed at creating, publishing and distributing content online for the target audience. Content marketing is often used by businesses and companies in the following cases:

Content marketing attracts potential customers and shares valuable, but also free content  and then makes them a regular customer. This type of marketing helps companies build sustainable brand loyalty, provide consumers with valuable information and create opportunities for future product sales. Content marketing does not sell directly. Instead, it builds trust and connection with the audience.

What is the purpose of content marketing?

The base of the content  is human. In this sense, the main purpose of the content is to influence the person. Even if a person becomes a regular consumer until he or she becomes aware of the content, he or she will have more customers when exposed to the content and the potential product or service is selected. Impact on consumers today is one of the most important questions facing all brands.Brands that are able to communicate emotionally with the consumer, influence them, and maintain their loyalty even after they are purchased can only succeed. . The most essential  thing to remember is that content marketing is not a direct form of marketing. The first step is not to buy the consumer, but his main task is to attract the consumer (user) with the content he created, entertain, create value for him and discover his needs. For this reason, it differs from direct line sales, marketing and advertising activities.